None of Us Believed it Would Really Happen


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“I would happily go to sea with them all over again, cracking bunch of guys, led by a cracking man.” We hear from Mick Dilucia, of HMS Coventry Flight, Coventry’s helicopter team. “The mood was fairly relaxed heading south… none of us believed it was ever going to happen…then Sandy Woodward briefed us… 'Look around amongst us because we might not all go home together…'”

Mick was on the flightdeck on that fateful day, 25 May 1982, “…the order was given to turn to starboard...and that's when it happened, the bombs came in…they exploded, it was just like we'd been hit by a big wave...but after that…smoke billowing out of the side…the ship started to list almost immediately…I had to climb up the deck and over the guard rails and just slide down the side of the ship into the water and swim to a life raft…that ship was almost turned turtle in 15 minutes…some of the guys, down from the bowels of the ship, got people out that would have gone down with the ship.”

“From that day onwards, I thought to myself, if I wake up tomorrow morning and I've got another day ahead of me, then it's a bonus because it could so easily have been taken away.”

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