#226 - How to Create a Greener, Sustainable Internet, with Tom Greenwood of Wholegrain Digital


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We are in a digital age, with information at our fingertips. Yet, a lot of people are unaware of the impact of digital technology on the environment.

Tom Greenwood is an author, Co-founder, and Managing Director of Wholegrain Digital. Wholegrain Digital is London’s original WordPress agency, founded in 2007, and a Certified B Corporation that aims to help organizations thrive online using efficient design and web technology. They are focused on digital sustainability, quantifying the environmental impact of digital services, and looking at ways it can be reduced.

In today’s episode, Tom and Cory talk about digital technology, specifically the carbon footprints from the online world, and have an eye-opening conversation about sustainable internet. Tom describes people’s digital consumption, showing the direct and indirect impact on the environment.

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