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It's Bungee Baby, as we are back for our first ever season of old Amazing Race recaps - Amazing Race 3! Over these thirteen weeks, three people who are all trying to stop their families using the phone lines while they podcast - Logan, Michael & Michelle are recapping the season, continuing with the ninth leg and second non-elimination leg of the season!

In this episode, we wonder if this is the only season with good Switzerland legs, Michael works out why the episodes aired in the format they did, Phil becomes obsessed with Flo & Drew, we wonder if Michelle hates the phone calls home, the editors start to undermine Flo, we question whether we would have got the bungee jump forewarning scene in a more modern season, we explain our bungee jump stories, Michelle provides the woman's perspective, there's a lot of praise for the T-Phone task, we wonder if John Vito & Jill got to call home, Logan debuts an impression, Phil is actually having fun now, there are some wildly impractical clothing choices, Michelle gets to rant, Logan explains the reaction to the check-in scene and we explain what reputation this leg has - nineteen years later.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube or you can tweet Logan, Michael & Michelle directly! Thank you for listening - we will see you next week for Leg 10!

Please note: This episode is intended on being spoiler-free - however, as with our other historical recaps, this episode may contain references to episodes that we have already covered - namely from Seasons 23-32; Australia 3; Canada 2-5 and Asia 5. These episodes do skirt the lines of spoilers a little more than normal, due to the slightly more...infamous aspects of the season.

Additional note: Next week, we cover a really iconic leg. Strap in - it's a fun one!

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