The future (and present) of transport


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What is the best way to move people around cities quickly, cheaply, and energy efficiently? In this episode we talk about:

  • Where is local transport done well?
  • Small things that could be done to improve city transport infrastructure
  • How weird electric Land Rovers sound
  • Why Elon Musk doesn't understand transport
  • How plazas increase thoroughfare and quality of life


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(1:30) The perils of developing for Safari. (1:40) About trust... (3:30) Overview of the episode. (4:00) It begins! (05:12) The worst types of transport. (7:29) Herman goes on a tangent about electric 4x4s. (8:50) Hypothetical question: Jason is now in-charge of transport for Cape Town! (11:01) Herman's bicycle gets stolen 😔 (12:08) What would we do to improve transport in Cape Town: 3 things. (14:00) Cycling in Woodstock vs the rest of the world - and the humble plaza! (16:00) Long street gets an open street experiment. (17:00) Getting into the city - where to park? (19:00) The most beautiful ride in the world🚉 ! (19:58) Rail in Africa needs changes and the secret railway! (21:55) Trains might get an upgrade in future. (23:20) The free market in transportation. (24:45) Herman's problem with Elon Musk! (25:55) Is more technology the solution? (27:45) Jason has a go at deliveries in the UK! (30:00) No food ordering in Feb goes well! (31:45) Rejoining the transportation conversation. (32:30) About the everything store. (34:00) Problems with the tube. (35:45) London cabs are good. (38:45) The ultimate solution to it all.

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