Avoiding Common Start-Up Pitfalls with Devin Miller (Part 2)


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Zachary Pyers is once again joined by Devin Miller, Founder and CEO of Miller IP Law. Based in Utah, Devin provides resources for start-ups and small businesses to learn about patents, trademarks, and copyrights and how they can build value into their business and protect their assets.
In this episode, Zachary and Devin review common problems faced by start-up entrepreneurs and how to avoid/overcome them.
Highlights of their discussion include:

  • Why he started his podcast, The Inventive Journey, and what he's learned from interviewing 300+ entrepreneurs.
  • Common start-up pitfalls: lack of focus, waiting too long to establish an LLC, and not having a quality website.
  • How can entrepreneurs overcome/avoid common pitfalls? (Listen for Devin's Post-It note trick for evaluating new ideas).
  • Opportunities and challenges he's faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and his future for Devin Miller IP Law.

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