'N' is for... 'National Health Service'


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This week, I start by looking at the UK's National Health Service. I look at an academic study examining the differences in healthcare in the UK and US. It provides the perspective of two twin sisters who were both successfully treated for the same cancer, one in the UK and one in the US. I then look at how the NHS was represented at the 2012 Summer Olympic opening ceremony, why this caused a controversy, and remember the weekly 'clap for our carers' in 2020.
I also look at:

  • 16:17 N is for... for Number 10 Downing Street
  • 26:06 N is for... Navy
  • 35:30 N is for... Nelson
  • 39:45 N is for... Newton
  • 41:10 N is for... Norman Conquest
  • 46:02 N is for... the North / South divide
  • 48:54 N is for... Nottingham and Newcastle (and Newcastle Brown Ale)
  • 50:00 N is for... Not the Nine O'clock News, Noel Edmunds and The Now Show

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