#227 Dr Andrew Huberman: The One Daily Practice Everyone Should Do, Training Your Brain and Reducing Anxiety


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CAUTION: Contains themes of an adult nature.

If I told you there was a simple, free habit you could take up to optimise your health in just five to 10 minutes a day, would you be up for trying it? If the answer’s yes, then you’re going to love today’s guest, a brilliant science communicator who reveals what the habit is – and shares ground-breaking insights from his research.

Dr. Andrew Huberman is a professor of neuroscience at Stanford University School of Medicine in the US and he has made numerous contributions to the fields of brain development, brain function and neuroplasticity. His lab’s most recent work focuses on the influence of vision and breathing on human performance and brain states such as fear and courage. His work has been published in top scientific journals including Nature, Science, and Cell and has been featured in global media outlets such as TIME magazine, BBC, and Scientific American.

We begin this conversation discussing why exposure to morning light is key to optimum human functioning. Our visual system is about more than just seeing. The light that enters our eyes, even in blind people, gives knowledge to the nervous system. Getting the right light, at the right time, sets the clock in all of your body’s cells, which in turn will affect many different functions in the body. It stimulates the cortisol you need for energy and focus. And it has positive effects on everything from sleep, energy and immunity to appetite, mood and so much more.

We also discuss what exactly is going on in the brain when we feel fearful and how something as simple as getting outside and looking at the horizon can completely change our physiology and powerfully inhibit anxiety.

Finally, we talk about the role that technology is having on our attention and Andrew shares a variety of simple exercises that we can all do to train our brains to improve our focus, health and performance.

Andrew is a special human being and someone who I have been wanting to speak to for a long, long time. I really enjoyed speaking to him - I hope you enjoy listening.

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