Episode 59 - Sunshine's Divorce from Chris Kattan, Celebrity Mistresses, and Bravo's Best Room Wins (with Sunshine D. Tutt-Kattan) Part 2


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Happy New Year Everyone! Part two is here of Sunshine D. Tutt-Kattan! For the first time publicly, Sunshine breaks down the real reason for her split from Chris Kattan... How is Dana involved and what actress was really at the crux of the breakup? What was Chris's lover's claim to fame? The texts, the timeline, the and the other characters involved... Who was the lover dating at the time? Dana has a request for her Australian listeners...
Ronald Richards represented Sunshine in her divorce!
How did the final conversation go between Sunshine and Chris? Chris's hospitalization and Buddhism... and the current state of their relationship...
What was it like to be married to an SNL icon? How has life changed? What lessons did she take away from it?
Dana and Sunshine tell stories from their wild youth from Michael Vartan to cartwheels in a limo to the Playboy Mansion?
How was exiting a career in modeling and entering a new workforce?
Sunshine's time as a briefcase girl on Deal or No Deal and her design show on Bravo! What was the money like on both?
Sunshine's friendship with Claudia Jordan from Real Housewives of Atlanta... Sunshine lived with Leeanne Locken from Real Housewives of Dallas once upon a time...
Sunshine's time on Bravo's Best Room Wins... Bravo contracts... Sunshine teases a new show that she will be appearing on in the near future...
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