100: Spencer Rathkamp: 🚲Tips for Mastering Your Wheelie + Other Parking Lot Tricks


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In this episode of the Dialed Health podcast, I’m joined by Spencer Rathkamp who just so happens to be one of my favorite riders to follow on Instagram. Whether it’s a mountain bike, cross bike, downhill bike, road bike or gravel bike, Spencer rides it really well. Once of my favorite riders to follow on social media because he rides all the bikes and he rides them really well. And lucky for you, he gives us amazing tips on how to start nailing wheelies and mastering parking lot tricks. To be honest with you, the tips he shares is like a free lesson you defiantly don’t want to miss. it's like a free lesson. We also chat about some other random questions (as always) I had for him about his racing experience and his current career path. At the end of the episode, I answer the listener questions: What’s the difference in strength training between road, cross country and enduro and what’s the best structure each week and how does it change throughout the year?

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Instagram: @spencerrathkamp https://www.instagram.com/spencerrathkamp/?hl=en

Pumpkin Head Video: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMPhISNhoOR/

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