My INSANELY Effective Study System


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Today I’m sharing with you my insanely effective study system that I use for nursing school. This is a study system that is big on active learning, and NOT passive, time-wasting things. I’m NOT talking about re-reading or re-writing your notes. I’m NOT talking about getting cozy on the couch with your textbook and reading the chapter while highlighting. No. Those are passive learning techniques, and are not the best use of your time. In nursing school, you have precious little time, and you’ve got to make the most of it.
I use 4 resources to study for nursing school, and no, the textbook is NOT one of them. All four are mobile apps and can be used with a laptop or tablet as well.
The 1st is
This app uses pictures and stories to help you remember difficult-to-learn concepts and facts.
Click this link to check out Picmonic for free, or to get 20% off a subscription:
The 2nd is
This one has videos that are about 10 minutes long on just about every subject you’ll cover in nursing school.
The 3rd is the
Anki flashcard app.
This app spaces out your flashcards and shows them to you at the perfect time for your brain to remember the information.
The 4th app is
any podcast app.

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