Disconnected After Sex? Try These Aftercare Tips


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47 | Have you ever had really delicious sex only to feel disconnected, disappointed, or even just straight up disrespected afterward? Maybe your lover got up straight away, to leave or to do something else. Perhaps they rolled over and went to sleep without saying a word to you or just grabbed their phone and started scrolling. Any of those things sound familiar? If you've experienced these feelings or had a partner behave like this, you need aftercare.

Aftercare is the ways in which you continue the connection with one another post-sex to ensure that everyone feels respected. It is essentially any behavior that makes you feel respected, connected, and close with your lover. It's a way to soothe your nervous system after some intense sex or just some connection to come back down slowly coming back to real life. In this episode, I dive into all things aftercare. I share the do's, don'ts, and some ideas/top tips that came through from my IG community.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • What is aftercare
  • The importance of aftercare
  • Romance vs intimacy
  • Post sex do's and don'ts
  • The top aftercare tips from my community

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