125: How the Hustle Culture + Need to Achieve Nearly Took My Life


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How does hustle culture and the need to achieve affect our thoughts and overall mental health? I believe the hustle culture is toxic.In fact, in 2017, the hustle culture mentality nearly took my life.
Today I’m sharing my story of how I escaped from the hustle culture and the number one thing to focus on if you struggle with workaholism, perfectionism and want to stop the hustle in your life.

If you want to stop the hustle in your life and get to the root of why you feel the need to be perfect and/or the need to achieve, you'll appreciate this episode's practical tips about stopping the hustle mentality.

You'll learn:

  • My story of how my need to achieve nearly took my life and why the hustle culture is toxic
  • The key to breaking free from the hustle culture
  • Important questions to ask yourself if you're stuck in the hustle culture

This episode mentions the Christian Mindset Makeover Boot Camp, and I highly recommend this as a next step.

The Christian Mindset Makeover is a great fit if you're feeling stuck in the hustle culture and need help understanding your hustle mindset and finding healing from the inner thoughts that keep you stuck in overfunctioning, perfectionism and hustle.

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