Step Three of the 12 Steps: We Made a Decision to Turn Our Will and Lives Over to the Care of God, as We Understood Him - Kemah Palms Recovery Kemah, Texas 77565


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"Let go and let God" during step 3 of the 12 steps. Having a relationship with God won't necessarily mean sitting back and relax while it happens. But it means that we admit that are things that fall out of our control. We can turn our will and lives over to the care of God and at the same time take full responsibility for our obligations on our way to healing. Changing habits take time and some people surrender in the middle of the path. Instead of seeing the opportunity a delay offers to practice mindfulness and plan the next steps, we seethe and swear as if that will speed things up. And instead of admitting that we’ve taken on too many responsibilities and something has to go, we redouble our efforts to fit it all in. Visit or call Kemah Palms Recovery to find more information from the 12 steps program available to help you walk to restoration.

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