Spiritual Q&A: How to Find Balance During Turbulent Times


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In this episode, I will connect to our planet's collective and answer questions from the collective. We will talk about loneliness, powerlessness, holding to old relationships in relationship with COVID, Great Reset, and all the shake-ups happening in the world right now.

First question: A teenage girl is witnessing the pain and the suffering of humanity. She is also not happy where she is today, but when she looks around and sees how other people are suffering even more than her, she asks herself, "How dare I solve my problems when so many people around me are suffering?"

Second question: A lady is awakened and sees what’s happening with the outside world with COVID and the lockdowns but despite this fact, she feels powerless to change anything. She is asking herself, "What can I do to fix this world?"

Third question: A guy is holding his relationship with his significant other. He did everything to glue his relationship. He is asking, "What can I do to save my relationship?"


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