NLS 009: Life and Near Death Experiences (NDE) with Dannion Brinkley


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“Lightning never strikes the same place twice” is a common phrase of reassurance. But the odds of lightning striking the same place or person twice, in reality, is very likely. Be it years apart or not. And in the case of our guest, today life has struck him a couple of times harder than most. Dannion Brinkley's near-death experiences being struck by lightning first at just 25 years old, which subjected him to unendurable pain and endless surgeries that affected his brain, heart, nerve endings, and tissues, is still able to support others today and share his journey at 71 years old. This ordeal transformed his life. Dannion has been working as a hospice volunteer across the country for the last 40 plus years. In 1994, Dannion co-wrote and published his autobiographic record-breaking 25 weeks New York Times bestseller book, Saved by the Light: The True Story of a Man Who Died Twice and the Profound Revelations. He describes his purported near-death experience and the aftermath of being clinically dead for approximately twenty-eight minutes. He eventually told a tale of a dark tunnel, a crystal city, and a "cathedral of knowledge" where thirteen "angels" shared with him over a hundred revelations about the future, some of which he claims have come true. In our interview, Dannion talks about his unintentional out-of-body that had just been shot through with himself and watching his loved over 180,000 volts of electricity as he watched his loved ones and paramedics try to save him. You can also find his 2009 publication, co-written with Paul Perry, Secrets of The Light, Lesson from Heaven in the show notes below. In this one, Dannion offers an accessible spiritual guide for empowering your life based on his own experiences in the afterlife. A survivor of three near-death experiences, Brinkley presents us with profound “Lessons from Heaven”—the Seven Truths revealed to him in the afterlife—to help readers find their personal paths to happiness, enlightenment, health, and prosperity. This is a conversation about discovering one’s inner knowing. Please enjoy my conversation with Dannion Brinkley.

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